Politics of Lunch Boxes more evidence of PVC and lead


There is a news story about links to lead in children’s lunch boxes I keep seeing.  I have been buying lunch boxes for Zannie from Artic Zone, but I like a product I heard about amongst my mom friends who live locally.  It seems there is a great product called Laptop Lunches that is a local company and is sold in health conscious shops.   Here is the story:


Also, the other thing I’ve done recently is started using unbleached sandwich bags for anything that isn’t damp.  Every little bit counts, right? 

How much more proof do we need?  Vinyl.  It’s bad. 


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And Yet More Concerns with Vinyl From the NY Times


For a long time, there have been concerns with products from China.  If, for no other reason, there are so many human rights violations concerning sweat shops and working conditions, we should be buying less products from China and Taiwan.  But, in yet another massive sweep of recalls involving children’s bibs being sold under several different brand names like Koala kids and Especially For Baby from Kids/Toys ‘R us, there is a new concern over lead being in the PVC vinyl bibs they sell. 


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A New Study Comes Out


      JUST SAY NO 

It’s not a perfect study, as you can read here  http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/nation/la-na-plastics3aug03,0,234908.story?coll=la-home-center

But, whatever….  There is enough strong evidence to convince me that  plastics containing bisphenols could be quite harmful. 

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A company that makes my favorite bibs and also other fun stuff like Dr. Seuss onesies.  The bibs are the waterproof kind with a pouch at the bottom to catch the inevitable crumbs and plops.  They are free of polycarbonates and phthalates.  They make similar styles with long sleeves (think art projects) and not just for babies either.  They also carry their own all in one diapers and diaper covers.  Yay Bumkins!

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Corolle Dolls

Hey!  My favorite brand of baby dolls are made of a pvc-free vinyl.  Yippee!  I have liked Corolle dolls since my daughter was turning one and I was looking for quality dolls for her birthday.  I liked the look of them (not creepy) and they had eyes that closed or nice-looking hair.  They come with a vanilla scent.  How can you beat that? 

Here is a great online toy company that also sells Corolle dolls.


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We’re Looking For a Few Good Plastics

I found a great article on Greenpeace.org and their grades for manufacturers of baby items and PVC plastics.  Each company gets a grade which is given based on how many products they make that contain polycarbonates, and if they have made less than in previous years.  I was very glad to see that Sassy brand toys have only one product that contains PVC.  It’s the “Who Loves Baby” photo book which, ironically, I mentioned on my other blog and how much I love it!  ACK! I hate it when my blogs clash.  Anway.  Check it out…it’s also going on the blogroll. 


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Formula in Glass


My friend Helen reminded me about formula that is ready to feed that’s already prepared and in sealed, glass bottles.  In fact, when Zannie was born I fed her with these while my milk came in.  (That took forever!) To use these nursers you’d have to buy separate nipples.  Careful too as some nipples for bottles are made of latex and that comes with its own set of health concerns and issues.  These bottles are very practical since they are vacuumm-sealed and so you can bring them around with you without the formula spoiling.

I am not advocating formula at this blog. In fact, I’m supportive of breastmilk and breastfeeding.  I’m here however to promote the useage of safe bottles and will duck out of the usual debates regarding formula.  I want to provide a link to these bottles


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